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The best way to make a difference in your child’s education is to be involved. Please take a few minutes to look over the descriptions for the various volunteer opportunities we have at McMillen. Whether you can volunteer an hour a week or an hour a year we would be thankful to have your help! We are happy to have you be a part of the McMillen family and look forward to working with you.

Complete a Background Check with PISD 

In order to volunteer on any Plano ISD campus, including McMillen, you must be cleared through the district.  All volunteers must reapply with the district each year to be considered for volunteer opportunities. Visit plano.voly.org to complete this year’s application, orientation and background check.


Please allow 2 days to 2 weeks for clearance status to appear. Once you're cleared through PISD, sign up to volunteer.

Sign Up to Volunteer

  1. Once approved to volunteer, log into Voly.
  2. Select: Current Volunteer Opportunities
  3. Once you're on the McMillen HS page, select the volunteer opportunity to learn more
  4. To sign up, select I Want to Help!
  5. Select the days/shifts you are available
    Result: Receive a confirmation email

On the volunteer day:

  1. Report to the check in location designated, which may be the office.
  2. Check-in on the VOLY kiosk if required by entering your email address 
    Result: If you have preregistered and been approved to volunteer on this date, your assignment will appear
  3. Select the Check-in box

Become a PTSA Member

Becoming a PTA member is the easiest way to get involved. We won't ask you to sign up for anything you don't want to do. This is the simplest way to support the many programs we provide for our students throughout the year without having to worry about time commitments, being overworked, or anything else.

Contact Us 

For additional information on volunteering, please contact us.