Kroger Community Rewards

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If you shop at Kroger grocery stores, and you have a Kroger Plus Rewards card, you can benefit the families of McMillen High.

Create an account (or log in if you already have an account) for Kroger’s Community Rewards program and choose the MCMILLEN HIGH SCHOOL PTSA as the organization you’d like to support. Link your Kroger Plus Rewards Card to McMillen HS PTSA and when you swipe your card to save, Kroger will donate to the McMillen HS PTSA and we will use those funds to benefit the families of McMillen High. After you login or create an account, the Account Summary area has a Community Rewards Section. Just choose McMillen High and you’re ready to shop and contribute!

Kroger Community Rewards

  • Organization Name: MCMILLEN HIGH SCHOOL PTSA 
  • Organization Number: NP808

Remember, you must swipe your registered Kroger plus Card or use your Alt ID when shopping for each eligible purchase to count.


You must link your card every year, starting August 1st to support McMillen HS PTSA.