Special And Gifted Education


If you or someone you know has a student who participates in Special Education, the PACE program for gifted and talented students or simply is an exceptional diverse learner, this is your chance to come together with others at McMillen and throughout PISD!


The Plano Council of PTAs established the SAGE committee to provide an opportunity for students, families and teachers of students who learn differently to share resources and friendship. Approximately 25% of the PISD student population has been identified to have a special learning need. You are not alone! You have come to the right place.


We are a group of dedicated volunteer parents who work together to provide EDUCATION, COMMUNICATION and SUPPORT for families just like you. And, we engage the teachers and administrators along the way.


SAGE sponsors various classes and seminars throughout the year to provide families and educators the latest information. These classes are usually free of charge. Popular topics have included:

  • The Carol Gray Workshop on Social Stories
  • The Wrightslaw Seminars
  • Long-term planning for families with Special Needs
  • SENG Clinics (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted)
  • Managing the IEP Process
  • Advocating for your child
  • Summer Camp Vendor Fair


At McMillen, we support the STARS student organization, as well as other organizations dedicated to supporting the gifted and special education students on campus.


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